Minister Warns Of Ferocious Storm Surges In Coastal Areas


Storm Lorenzo could result in “ferocious” and “very dangerous” storm and wave surges around coastal areas when it reaches these shores this coming Thursday and Friday.

Met Éireann has warned of very wet and potentially stormy conditions over parts of the country later this week due to Hurricane Lorenzo.

The Government’s emergency task force met yesterday to discuss contingency measures for the approaching storm.


Lorenzo is currently a large and powerful hurricane and its hurricane and tropical-storm-force winds are expected to expand further during the next few days.

Although Lorenzo is currently a hurricane, it will be a storm when it hits Ireland on Thursday.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy, who held a meeting of the National Emergency Co-ordination Group yesterday, told reporters that the severity of the storm once it hits Ireland is “still to be determined”.

He said the storm could also bring high winds and potentially cause flooding in some areas.

“People will recall we’ve had strong wind events before, Storm Ally, Storm Ophelia, and how dangerous it was in terms of trees, heavy with leaves, falling, bringing down power lines, causing flooding in certain areas,” he said.

Mr Murphy said every local authority has been contacted to ask them to monitor Met Éireann’s forecasts, and prepare for storm impacts by activating crisis management and local co-ordination arrangements.

The public are advised to stay away from coastal areas during this period as there will be high seas