Police Called After Goose Smashes Taxi Window


In the UK, Police were alerted after a goose smashed through a taxi window. The baffled cops were left wondering if the bird was trying to hitch a free cab ride.

According to Nottinghamshire Police, they were notified over the radio on Monday about a bird flying into the car in the Radford area.

In a tweet, Radford Road Police said: “When a colleague asked if a call had been received about a goose flying into a taxi over the radio, we had to see it to believe it.”

“The goose was taken to the vets & unfortunately the taxi had to repair the damage. We think he may be trying to find his way to #goosefair #randomjob.”

Nayyar Tabasam the driver of the cab said he had left a passenger at the city’s university when there was an almighty crash from behind him. Mr Tabasam said via Breaking News:

“I thought somebody had thrown something at the car for a start so I slowed down to see if I could see anyone around but there was no-one. I then stopped and took a look in the back, where the glass from the window was, and I saw this big bird in my car.”

The force said the goose was taken to the vet and the taxi driver had to repair the damage to the car.