Motör Splutters To A Stop Again


Is it time for Lemmy to call it a day OR is he trying to go out with a bang!?Motorhead

Motörhead cut their set at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival short last night due to Lemmy’s health.

Metal Hammer Germany reports the band started their performance strong and their legendary frontman looked healthy, but extended breaks between songs first caused some concern among conertgoers that something wasn’t right.

After less than half an hour on stage, Lemmy and the band left the stage.

The Wacken incident follows news that Motörhead recently canceled a series of shows on their summer European festival tour following doctor’s orders after Lemmy suffered a haematoma (where blood collects outside of a blood vessel) and needed to address the issue; the bassist had previously been fitted with a defibrillator because of heart problems.

Motörhead will release a new album, “Aftershock” in the coming weeks.