Naughty Neil Finn Now On The Radio!


Crowded House front man and new Fleetwood Mac member, Neil Finn was once pulled over by the L.A.P.D. after moving slowly through a stop sign.

Asked for ID, he was only being able to show his New Zealand drivers licence the police officer asked what he was doing in Los Angeles. Finn said he was a musician, “What band are you in?”. When Finn replied “Fleetwood Mac” he was quickly waved on his way with no ticket issued!

Neil revealed the story on his Web radio broadcast “Fangradio”, a daily radio show via playing lots of music and telling stories.

You can listen via Mixlr to Fangradio at midnight Dublin time to hear Neil and some sessions playing solo from his music room and other days with fellow Crowded House members Liam and Elroy Finn in ‘iso 2,’ Liam’s home studio just down the road.

Neil also shared a video of himself covering David Bowie’s iconic “Heroes” from his own not-so-crowded house.

These sessions began in a spontaneous fashion as a way of providing some comfort and entertainment to his audience and have become a daily gathering for a community tuned in and eager for more .

So far Finn has performed over 100 different songs and collaborated during the sessions with other musicians such as Johnny Marr in Manchester and Nick Seymour In Ireland .