New Book ‘Sounds Irish, Acts Global’ Celebrates Irish Music Industry


A brand new book, ‘Sounds Irish, Acts Global- Explaining the Success of Ireland’s Popular Music Industry’, celebrating the success which has been the Irish music industry, is out now.

Written by Michael Mary Murphy of Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin, and Jim Rogers of Dublin City University, the book is the first of its kind which will look at the full-length history of the music industry in this country.

It is available to buy via Sounds Irish, Acts Global; Explaining the Success of Ireland’s Popular Music Industry; Murphy; Rogers – Equinox Publishing and in book shops.

“utterly fascinating”

Included in its 221 pages, the book ‘Sounds Irish, Acts Global – Explaining the Success of Ireland’s Popular Music Industry’ contains so many fascinating stories, which simply leap off the pages, and is a must for any music fan.

Business students, scholars of popular music, and Irish music fans may find this book particularly enjoyable.

Such stories include how Roddy Doyle’s book, The Commitments, helped open the door for The Corrs, and how the family group went on to build a global image, and how a group of teenagers from Dublin started a collective with no resources yet brought bands including Green Day.

Other stories also include, Fugazi and Chumbawamba to Ireland, and how an Irish band challenged the Church in early 1970s Ireland, and became one of the country’s biggest rock successes, and who U2’s allies and champions were before Bono and co became the interest of global record labels.

The book itself has already been hailed as “…an utterly fascinating volume bursting with rich narratives gleaned from archival research and interviews with key behind-the-scenes figures in Ireland’s popular music scenes”. 

It has also been described as, “…a celebration and recognition of the ecosystem, communities, and friendships that surrounded these successes and the hard work, tensions and challenges they collectively overcame”.

Other quotes also include, “…full of fresh insights and illuminating details and makes a hugely important addition to scholarship on Irish music”. 

Speaking of U2, the band have also hinted at plans to extend their residency at Las Vegas. More on this here.