Classic 1985 Kate Bush Track Breaks Three Guinness Records


Kate Bush has broken an impressive three Guinness World Records, thanks to the recent revival of her track, ‘Running Up The Hill (A Deal With God)’.

Following its repeated use in Netflix series Stranger Things, the track reached top spot in the UK singles chart earlier this month.

Reacting to this news, Bush released this statement.

So many young people who love the show are discovering the song for the first time”, she said.

“The response to Running Up That Hill is something that has had its own energy and volition. A direct relationship between the shows and their audience and one that has stood completely outside of the music business. We’ve all been astounded to watch the track explode!”. 

Classic Bush Track Breaks Guinness Records

Since then, the Guinness Records have confirmed that Kate Bush has become the oldest female to reach number one in the UK Charts.

This record had previously been held by Cher, with her 1998 single ‘Believe’. 

In response to Bush taking her crown, Cher tweeted, “Bravo Kate”.

Adding “Records are there to be broken. “Remember back in the day, when women had short sell by dates⁉️ We had 2 fight our way through the testosterone curtain, & we did it so the girls who came after us could sing as long as they want to. With mega respect”. 

See the post in full here.

The single has also broken the record for the longest time for a track to reach number one in the UK Chart. The single took 36 years and 310 days to reach number one in the UK, having been released in 1985.

This record was held by Wham! for their festive single, ‘Last Christmas’. (36 years and 23 days). It hit number one in 2021, having been released in 1984.

Bush has also broken the Guinness Records for the longest gap between UK number ones, having achieved her first number one in 1978 with ‘RUTH’. 

Despite this recent fame, Kate Bush recently admitted that she does not listen to her own music very often. More on this here.