New DUP Leader Edwin Poots Is 7-Day Creationist Who Believes Planet Is 6,000 years old

DUP - Edwin Poots - Elected New Party Leader May 14 2021
Northern Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture Edwin Poots is the new DUP leader. He emerged narrowly by 19 votes to 17 among the party’s MLAs & MPs in its first ever party leadership election in its 50-year existence to prove victorious at the expense of his colleague the Westminster MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson.
Paula Bradley also defeated Gregory Campbell 18 votes to 16 for the role of deputy leader, so intriguingly there will be a traditional ‘Paisleyite‘ leader in reference to the iconic Dr. Ian Paisley its founder & the DUP’s most liberal MLA, who supports gay rights & abortion, as his deputy.

Mr. Poots is an avowed young earth creationist, rejecting the theory of evolution. Poots once told the BBC “My view on the earth is that it’s a young earth. My view is 4,000 BC“.

‘Young earth creationism’ is a fundamental facet of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, of which Poots is a member, and other conservative evangelicals in Northern Ireland.

Poots is never far from criticism and was roundly criticised for banning blood donations from gay people in a previous capacity.

He said “I think that people who engage in high-risk sexual behaviour in general should be excluded from giving blood“.

In June 2012, Poots doubled down on his wanton crusade as he wanted to extend the ban to people who have sex “with somebody in Africa or sex with prostitutes“, stating that, in his view, this was also high-risk sexual behaviour.

In September 2013, as the North’s Health Minister he fought the ruling that would bring laws around LGBT adoption in Northern Ireland into line with other parts of the UK.

In January 2016, Poots was criticised by gender equality advocates, political commentators and politicians telling his predecessor, the newly elected First Minister Arlene Foster that her most important job was as a “wife, mother and daughter“.

Most recently in October 2020, he was criticised by Sinn Féin and the Alliance Party after saying coronavirus was more common in nationalist areas!!

He stated: “There is a difference between nationalist areas and unionist areas – and the difference is around six to one“.

The Department of Health issued a statement confirming that he indeed was spouting nonsense by reaffirming that “data on Covid infections is not collected according to religious or political affiliation“.