Of ALL the Tunes To Have Stuck In Your Head!


So not strictly “Rock News” but a quirky Friday type story..

You know when you get a song stuck in your head, it’s never something credible and cool..

It’s always one you don’t WANT to hear it over and over.

What about this poor woman..

Suffering from a rare form of Tinnitus poor Susan has been left hearing novelty hit ‘How Much Is That Doggie In The Window’ constantly for the last three years.

Susan Root has an affliction known as musical hallucination which causes her to hear the novelty song, originally a hit for Lita Roza (pictured above) in 1953, on an endless loop night and day. Speaking to The Sun about her problem, Root said: “It’s like having a radio that you just can’t turn off. I began hearing tunes in my ears three years ago and it just has not stopped since.”

The pensioner, who lives in the UK, stated that sometimes the song is in her head so loudly that she cannot hear her husband Graham speaking. “It’s especially bad at night time and I have terrible trouble getting to sleep – it drives me to breaking-point at times.”

If only it was “Gimme Shelter” by The Stones. That’d be decent!