Pete Doherty Suffers Anxiety Attack Before Gig


The Libertines recently had to cancel gigs in Manchester and London due to an “unspecified medical situation”. It turns out that the reason for the gigs being postponed was due to Pete Doherty’s anxiety attack .

Pete Doherty failed to show at the band’s scheduled gig in London on Thursday night (September 10), which caused them to postpone the show. The gig was called off two hours after the band were due on stage, with a gig in Manchester the following night they subsequently postponed that as well as an appearance on BBC Radio 1.

At statement released today shed light on the situation “Pete Doherty suffered a serious anxiety attack during the hours leading up to the scheduled performance at the Electric Ballroom last Thursday.”

The statement continued “The ideal coping mechanism in this situation is to lock yourself away from the source of the anxiety and in this case he headed to a hotel near Coventry.”

As Doherty didn’t turn up to the show it was down to those in charge to postpone the gig “The decision to cancel the show in Manchester did not come from Peter it was made by management, who felt it important to ensure Peter’s welfare is a priority in line with any other ongoing treatment.”

Photo Credit: scannerFM