Presidential Seal Of Approval As Irish Music Month Returns To Promote Home Grown Talent

President Michael D. Higgins - Irish Music Month - Radio Nova

President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, has rowed in to provide his full support for Irish Music Month, as it prepares to return for a second year to promote Irish home-grown talent.

Independent radio stations will participate in what’s the largest sustained programming initiative on the wireless since the independent radio sector smashed through the ceiling that existed prior to legislation changing way back in 1989.

Irish Music Month will see €100,000 paid directly to Irish artists, which was formally announced this week by the august music tome Hot Press and its partners the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI).

In a statement, President Higgins extended his support and wishes to all those participating in and supporting Irish Music Month – commenting on the “imaginative initiative” standing as a “profound statement of the central role of culture in our lives; of the commitment of so many dedicated people within the artistic community to ensuring access to that culture; and of the support that is there for them from the media, which is so important to nurturing and encouraging our artistic talent.”

  • President Higgins Full Statement
”May I send my best wishes to all of those who are participating in, and supporting, Irish Music Month.
This initiative has already proven enormously valuable and a major statement of support for Irish music from 25 independent Irish radio stations, working with Hot Press, and supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
The role and significance of music to life in Ireland cannot be over-stated. Irish musicians are among our most talented and best loved performers. They are also, as it happens, among the finest practitioners of their art in the world.
The popularity of our musicians, bands and performers extends far beyond Irish shores. Not only do these artists bring our rich musical tradition to countries across the globe, but they also ensure that this extraordinary living tradition – powerful and resonant in its own right – remains open to the influence and enrichment of other cultures, and of other artistic perspectives.
While at home, the diverse cultural backgrounds of so many of our young Irish musicians are helping to forge new strands in Irish music, intertwining their own musical heritage with established Irish forms.”
Radio NOVA – Irish Music Month 2023 – Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI)