Radio Nova ‘Help Our Homeless Radiothon’ Starts Today


The ‘Help Our Homless Radiothon’ from Radio Nova has started today February 17th and will continue until tomorrow February 18th.

Over the next two days, Nova will turn over their airwaves in order to raise vital funds to help Focus Ireland fight homelessness in the Greater Dublin area. This year, the aim is to raise €40K over two days.

Homelessness can mean sleeping rough, staying in emergency hostels or shelters, staying in temporary bed and breakfast accommodation or staying with friends and relatives when there is nowhere else to go. Homelessness is all of these things.

For people experiencing homelessness it is about a lack of security, a lack of belonging and often about being cold, sick and isolated.The current economic climate means more people are at risk of homelessness than ever before with further cut-backs in health, education and welfare services. Latest statistics show that one in three homeless is a child.

So what we’re asking is that you simply donate €20 to our Radiothon to help Focus Ireland beat homelessness in the Greater Dublin Area. Just €20 will help get a homeless person safe accommodation for two nights and a hot meal in one of Focus Ireland’s locations.

To donate: simply call our Radiothon Line at (01) 865 2121 or alternatively you can get visit our special Radiothon website and donate from there. Please donate as much as you can, every donation is vital to help the homeless. We have already got off to a great start this morning, so we need to keep things going to reach our target of €40,000.