Raise a Roast & Roast Our Hosts!


As the nation gears up for the reopening of the country and welcoming family and friends back into our lives, Aunt Bessie’s want to help us look forward with excitement to the return of the roast – those bustling dinner tables, noisy chats and being together again!

Aunt Bessie’s is ‘Raising a Roast’ to those we have missed at our dinner tables, and looking
ahead to roasts with relatives and friends, that we will all appreciate so much more.

Whether it’s roast chicken and chips on Wednesday with your besties, beef and yorkies with
mam, dad and the gang on Sunday, or roast lamb sambos with wedges on Saturday with the pals you have missed so much – Aunt Bessie’s has you covered!

To celebrate “Raising a Roast” PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe want to hear from you about the family or friends you missed the most around your dinner table during lockdown.

The lads also asking YOU to give THEM an old fashioned roasting in a quick video or audio on WhatsApp 087 18 18 100, email [email protected] or post it on any social media using the hashtag #NovaRoast. 

You can rate PJs performance in his telly work or judge Jim’s fashion choices from the past. Let loose and say what you REALLY think of the pair of them..all in good fun of course!

Scroll down to see an example ROAST OF JIM from Pj himself!

The best roasting of PJ & Jim will win €1,000 in cash to spend sprucing up their kitchen all thanks to Aunt Bessie’s, raising a roast to those we’ve missed at our dinner tables.

Aunt Bessie’s is famous for it’s frozen Yorkshire puddings, potato products, meal accompaniments, ready meals, vegetables & desserts now available across the country in all major Irish retailers. You can see the full range of products here.