Rathmines Restaurant To Again Sell €90 Speciality Sandwich After High Demand

Hush - Wagyu Beef Sandwiches via Instagram

A restaurant in Dublin will offer €90 sandwiches again in the near future. Hush restaurant’s wagyu beef sandwiches sold out in the lead up to the weekend.

The Rathmines outlet sold nine of the sandwiches, which saw the grade A5 Japanese beef breadcrumbed and fried.

The beef is breadcrumbed and fried, and served with an Asian dressing on crispy white bread.

The restaurant imported enough of the premium Japanese beef to make ten sandwiches (nine for customers and one for the chefs themselves), and they sold out quickly when they went on sale late last week.

Jules Mak, owner of Hush says the beef used is ‘probably the most expensive cut you’ll find‘.

He explained: “The meat is really tender – it has got the texture of probably butter. Very flavoursome, and really juicy. It’s just beautiful.

Jules said they though they’d ‘get a bit of scrutiny‘ when they put a €90 sandwich up for sale. However, he said the response was brilliant – with people ‘jumping’ for it.

They sold out of their supplies, and had to turn away another 10-15 people who were looking for it.

Jules said business has been ‘brilliant’ and added that the wagyu sandwich is something the restaurant will likely try again in the near future due to the popularity of their initial batch.

This was Hush’s initial promotion for the sandwich …..

Calling all meat-fanatics & foodies, for the fanciest sandwich you’ll ever eat.

Wagyu has come to Hush, grade A5 beef to be precise. A lavish creation, with the highest standard of meat, creates the most astounding of eating experiences. It’s so f*ckin tender it melts in your mouth. Kept simple with crispy fried white bread, an asian based dressing and the wagyu, cooked traditionally, is breadcrumbed and fried. OK we know it’s a bit extra, but sometimes you just gotta try life’s finest delicacies.

Now we all know wagyu is spenny, unfortunately, we can’t change this until we raise and massage our own Japanese cows. This guy comes in at €90, and will be available for preorders during the week. Not one for the average Joe, but for anyone dying to have a unique foodie experience, we applaud you and we can’t wait to hear from ya!

Hush – Wagyu Beef Sandwiches via Instagram