Robbie Williams Mentions Two Things That Have Saved Him From Depression And Addiction


Robbie Williams has pointed to two things that have saved him from addiction and depression.

The singer spoke about this while performing at the Isle of Wight Festival last weekend (June 18). 

The former Take That band member claimed that his initial rise to stardom paved the way to issues with addiction and depression. Williams also admitted to the audience that he once considered suicide.

“Two things saved me from this… I didn’t want to be here, three or four times I thought, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m bailing out, I can’t stand this anymore”, he told the crowd last weekend.

Such issues with depression had even led to Williams temporarily retiring from the music industry in 2006.

“negative head”

According to Williams, meeting his wife Ayda Field and the support from his fans, have saved him from his personal problems.

Williams met Ayda in 2006, before the couple tied the knot in 2010. They share four children together.

He also praised the fans, who continued to “turn up for him”, as he battled against his “negative head”.

“‘When that negative head tells me, ‘I’m s***, I don’t deserve this, you’re not good enough, you can’t sing, you look ugly, you’re fat’ – all these things these things that the negative voices can say, you grab hold with something, anything that can make you feel ok in this world that is brutal at times”, Williams opened up to the audience.

“One big thing that I’ve had for the last 32 years is your love. You turning up. You smiling. For people like you … All of you bringing your kids to the gigs – sorry about the swearing tonight – but I’ve always had you to fall back on, because in my mind, if you turn up for me, then I’m not f****** worthless. Thank you”. 

Robbie Williams made a similar speech while performing at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome back in January, where he also paid tribute to the fans for “protecting” him during his mental health struggles.

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