Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Announces She Is Cancer Free


Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has revealed that she has been given the “all clear” from cancer. 

Navaratilova an 18 Grand Slam winner, confirmed this news, while paying homage to the medical staff who aided her recovery.

The 66 year old was diagnosed with breast and throat cancer back in January. She had also undergone surgery for early stage breat cancer in 2010.

“what a relief” – Navratilova

Martina Navratilova confirmed her good news via Twitter, revealing that she received the all clear following “a day full of tests”.

“After a day full of tests at Sloan Kettering, I got the all clear!”, Navratilova wrote.

She also added, “Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, proton and radiation magicians etc- what a relief:) #byebyecancer 🙂 and yes, #f***cancer !!!”.

Martina Navratilova had initally been given the all clear following her first set of tests back in March.

She also confirmed plans to undergo preventative radiation for two weeks on her breasts, adding that she “should be good to go”, following this.

Following her latest health update, messages came in their droves in support of the tennis legend.

 “Congratulations, Martina! This is wonderful, wonderful news”, one fan wrote.

Another added, “This is fantastic news and I’m absolutely thrilled for you and your family”.

“I’m finishing up high-dose chemo and will be heading for radiation in the coming weeks. You give me hope and are an inspiration, Martina”. 

Matarnia Navratilova won 18 Grand Slams in her tennis career, including 9 Wimbledon triumphs.