Roger Daltrey Surprises Couple At Their Wedding


It’s not everyday a bona fide rock legend shows up at your wedding uninvited, and even if he did show up, there’s no way he would ever perform, would he?.

The dream came true for an astonished couple on their wedding day, when The Who’s frontman Roger Daltrey gatecrashed their special day.

The singer was staying at the same hotel as the bride and groom in Scotland, ahead of his 50th anniversary concert in Glasgow. Instead of staying in his hotel room, watching the ‘Apprentice’ or ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’, he decided to get up to some mischief.

He heard there was a wedding at the resort, wandered into the ball room, congratulated Susan and Carl Smith on their joyous commitment and was all set to call it a night.

That was until the Scottish crowd did what any crowd should do when a rock icon shows up to a wedding, they began chanting for the 70 year-old rocker to get up on stage and sing a few tunes.

Daltrey duly obliged the amazed wedding party and jumped on stage singing, ‘I Can’t Explain’ alongside the wedding band Milestone. A gobsmacked groom described the performance as “legendary”.

Mrs Smith said: “We’re fans of The Who so it was all just really excited. I think one of the main reasons he came in is that he wanted to thank all of those guys for their service.”

‘But when he was on stage everybody started chanting for him to sing a song and he quickly decided that he would. I think all of our guests are going away thinking they have never been to as good a wedding and never will again. It made the day for everyone.”

‘Afterwards we had a little chat and he was congratulating us and wished us health and happiness for the future. He was really sweet.’

Watch Roger Daltrey perform ‘I Can’t Explain’ below.