Rory Cowan In Hot Water On Twitter

Rory Cowan In Hot Water On Twitter
Rory Cowan annoys Dublin 8 dwellers

Former Mrs Brown star Rory Cowan got himself in trouble earlier this week on social media. Rory, who now is a regular on RTE soap Fair City as John Bosco Walsh, had something of a conniption over fireworks going off in his area at the weekend.

Responding to another Tweeter complaining about fireworks in her area, Cowan said, “I live in Dublin 8 and I swear to f**k, if I hear anyone in this area, or their elected representatives, complaining about cost of living, taxes, poverty etc. I’ll give them what for. Fireworks are expensive. If they can afford the amount going off tonight they ain’t poor.”

The original tweeter, who goes by the name Rozanne Stevens, wasn’t happy with Rory, it seems. “Hi Rory, I appreciate that everyone is allowed their opinion but I don’t want to be dragged into this conversation. I don’t agree with or endorse what you said and now it looks like I do as I’m tagged.” Rozanne continued, “I muted ages ago as I found you irritating but that was my personal opinion that didn’t need airing. Now you’ve dragged me into this toxic Marie Antoinette-esque rant of yours I’m really annoyed. I complained about fireworks but you hijacked it into a disgsuting classist sermon.”

Cue a wave of tweets attacking Rory Cowan for being anti-poor people or anti-Dublin 8 – the area in which he has lived for some years. Within hours the hashtag #RoryCowan was trending as people Twitter users across the country had their go at Mr Cowan.

By the next day, the popular panto star had been well and truly cancelled, as they say.


Rory took to blocking numerous Twitter accounts in an effort to end the stream of tweets giving him what for. Although most were light-hearted jibes, the deluge of complaints about the star took its toll.

People Before Profit Councillor Tina Mc Veigh jokingly tweeted “Aw Rory, did we disturb you? Sorry about that. We might still be celebrating the fact that we’re a @FineGael free zone in Dublin South Central. #Dublin8 Always great.”

The TV star has fallen foul of the Twitterati before due to his pro-Zionist views. Mr Cowan has been a vocal critic of the pro-Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement. The BDS movement has proved hugely popular with the Irish public. Mr Cowan criticised those who called for a boycott of last year’s Eurovision which was held in Israel. His stance did not find much favour on Irish social media.