Rush Member Says Final Tour Was Too Short


Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has recently spoke about what appears to the band’s final tour. Lifeson said that they could have done more shows seeing as everything was going so well.

Himself, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart hit the road throughout the summer in what’s thought to be the band’s last large-scale tour. The band played a total of 35 shows across North America but Lifeson didn’t think it was a fitting farewell.

Speaking to Prog magazine Lifeson said  “I don’t know if I do still feel that way now. I thought the tour was great. I thought we played really well, the turnout was fantastic, I thought the set was great, the songs we chose were right.

“There was so much about it that was so positive and I think going into it there was the thought that this is the last one – a nice way to go out on top. But once we were in the middle of it or even towards the end of it, it seemed like it was just too short,” he said.

The Rush guitarist described how he felt that they had more to give “I just wish we’d been able to do another 20 shows or so and it’s too bad that we’re going to miss the UK particularly. It just feels a little shy of a true finish, a complete resolution. But if that’s the way it is, then we’ll adjust to it.”

Photo Credit: Roberta Baker