Senator Calls For Unvaccinated To Be Kept Firmly Away From Retail & Transport

Fianna Fáil - Senator Gerry Horkan - Leah Farrell - Rolling News

The Fianna Fáil Senator and Spokesperson on Law Reform Gerry Horkan says there should be consideration given to banning the unvaccinated from supermarkets and public transport.

Ther Dun Laoghaire based official put it plainly that the higher the vaccination rate from covid-19 the lower the death rate. He is an advocate for vaccines, which he says will reduce the strain on frontline workers and health system.

In the Seanad he asked “Why not supermarkets? Why not public transport? I know it is difficult to police some of these things, but really, if you want to participate in society, you need to be vaccinated.”

His comments have dredged up a monstrously negative response from people on social media. Here is what he had to say on the matter of those who aren’t vaccinated using retial and transport:

Here we are on 23 November and the month of December is traditionally the most important for the licensed trade and hospitality business, at between 2.5 and three times the normal month. It is not like closing in March, November or October. It is a significant month. Of course we have to have balance and of course we have to make sure we are safe but it is so important that we encourage people. We must look at the figures and try to make sure everybody knows the vaccination system is very safe. I know we got a lot of emails in response to something I said to the Leader on another day. They really work. If we look at the figures that came out yesterday, the 54% in ICU who are unvaccinated are generally younger and extremely healthy before they get Covid but they end up in ICU. They are healthy younger people who just did not think it would affect them.Everybody who has been vaccinated and is in ICU has an underlying condition. We wish them all well. However, the point is that vaccines work.

As others have said, vaccine certificates should be required for entry into gyms and hairdressers. Why not introduce such a requirement for supermarkets and public transport? I know it is difficult to police some of these things, but really, if people want to participate in society, they need to be vaccinated. If they do not want to participate in society, that is okay. They can stay at home; that is their business. However, unvaccinated people are putting themselves, their families, the rest of us and the economy at risk. None of us wants a lockdown. It is in all of our hands to behave as best we can. We can socialise safely. If people are vaccinated, it is unlikely to do them too much harm if they do not have a pre-existing condition.

I ask the Leader to organise a proper discussion of this issue. New communities may not be as tuned into mainstream media, newspapers and radio. Let us ensure all are aware of the benefits of vaccination.”