Sound City.. Sound Man!


London got a special Dave Grohl treat last night with a showing of his directorial debut “Sound City”.

Speaking to fans at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square last night, Grohl said: “We started this project almost two years ago. Originally it was just gonna be, like a 15-minute short film or YouTube clip, to pay tribute to this awesome recording desk that I bought that Nirvana made ‘Nevermind’ on. I figured well, we’ll just tell the story about this really great board. And then it blew up into a film, a movie, where I got to sit down and talk to all of my heroes about music.”

Then tonight, Dave and the Sound City Players play a gig in support of the movie,  at The Forum. Rumours were going about that Sir Paul McCartney would be making an appearance. Now it seems that won’t be happening.

Still be a sweet gig!