Sports Stars To Hold Solidarity Sleepouts Across The Country


A solidarity group has been put in place by current and former GAA intercounty players in a bid to create action on important social issues, and offer support to those in need.

Gaelic Voices For Change are holding nationwide homelessness solidarity sleepouts in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast on December 16th.

The group are inviting all players past and present, men and women, to sign-up for the sleepout stating:

“We are a voluntary group of past and present inter-county GAA players who, supported by the GPA and WGPA, have come together to form ‘Gaelic Voices for Change‘, a community action initiative that shines a light on important social issues and offers support to those in need.”

Members have the belief that they hold a unique opportunity to use their voices to champion change for those in need, and they’re now calling on the support of other players, and the general public.

“Our initial focus is on the escalating housing and homeless crisis. […] Our aim is to generate solidarity, funds, awareness, and action.”

Eamon Fennell, former Dublin and current St. Vincent’s footballer stated: “Gaelic Voices for Change has the potential to make a real difference to a lot of peoples lives.”

“As GAA intercounty players, many of us have been fortunate in our lives. The GAA is based upon communities and support. With the support of the communities across Ireland, we can make a real change.”

“If we can provide people with some level of support and help them feel more integrated in the community, into a working career or into a sport that offers you so much potential, well then we should support were and when we can.”

Former Wexford captain, Diarmuid Lyng added: “I am standing up and putting myself forward because I feel there is no other choice. This is growing. […] I am proud that other GAA players are standing up too. We need support. And it is coming.”

The founding group includes players from Tipperary, Dublin, Tyrone, Wexford, Offaly and Kildare among others.

The group are currently calling on all GAA communities to get in touch or sign up online.

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Feature Image: Gaelic Players For Change