Steve Perry Approves Moving Cover Of Journey Track By Janitor


Journey’s Steve Perry has given his seal of approval to a moving cover of the band’s hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ from a humble school janitor, which has exploded online.

Richard Goodall the man responsible for this wonderful performance which you can check out below, stood up on the assembly stage at County School Corporation of Terre Haute, Indiana and belted out this incredible cover, which was shared via TikTok by co worker Mariah Denehie.

The video has been viewed over 10 million times since its release.

It is one of a myriad of performances that Goodall has delivered to the school’s pupils, throughout his twenty years working there.

As Goodall says so himself in the video, “It’s humbly and it’s fun but yeah I’m still the same person I’m always going to be, I’m just me, you know”. 

Check it out for yourselves here.

“belted it out”

This video clearly made an impression on Journey’s Steve Perry, who later tweeted “I love this” when reacting to this performance.

After gaining the Steve Perry seal of approval, Richard Goodall later said in an interview to ABC News.

“I was in half-tears because this is the stuff I’ve grown up on, the people I listened to. I don’t have any formal training. When I was the kid I was the kid who had speakers all around his bedroom and I just turned on the radio and belted it out, you know”, he explained.

On how he juggles work and his singing together, Goodall added, “I’m not just the guy who wipes the tables down and takes out the trash, I like people to smile and be happy”.

Goodall also explained that he wants the students to “never stop believin” in themselves and to continue to chase their dreams. Hence the choice of song.

Speaking of Journey, the band released a single called ‘You Got The Best Of Me’, which featured on their album ‘Freedom’. More on this here.