Stevie Nicks Implores Fans to Wear Masks as She’ll ‘Probably Never Sing Again’ If She Contracts Coronavirus

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks has urged fans to wear a mask and warned that she may never sing again if she catches Covid-19.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, she wrote: “If I get it, I will probably never sing again”

“Put me on a ventilator and I will be hoarse for the rest of my life~ I don’t have much time… I am 72 years old …This virus can kill you. It can kill me. Kill my chances of pulling on those boots and hitting the road~ Kill the chances that any of us in the music community will ever get back to the stage, because we would never put you in danger.”

“The masks and the distancing have now become a political statement. It is not political. It is a silent killer hiding in the shadows. It is stalking you. It doesn’t care who you are…It’s just looking for a victim,” she wrote. “And you don’t have much time.”