Stolen Petty Guitar Sold In LA Pawn Shop


One of the stolen guitars was sold for $250

NME reports that Petty’s Gibson SG Junior was recovered from a Hollywood pawn shop after being sold to the store for just $250 (£156).

According to reports Daryl Washington, who worked as a private security guard at Culver Studios where the band had been practising ahead of their new tour, has been arrested in conjunction with the crime.
The SG was found in the pawn shop, leading police to track down the culprit.
The CEO of Culver Studios, James C Cella said in a statement: “We’re relieved and extremely pleased that all of Tom Petty’s stolen guitars have been recovered and that a suspect has been arrested. Our security department cooperated fully with the Culver City Police in the effort to solve this crime.
He continued: “Even though the alleged culprit was not an employee of the Culver Studios but worked for an independent contractor, we feel a real sense of responsibility for everything that happens on our lot and we have conveyed our profound apologies to Mr Petty for the distress the incident has caused him.”