Stones Shocker! (Not Really!)


The Rolling Stones will play the Glastonbury festival this year, according to Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno.

The guitarist spoke with MTV UK about Kasabian’s headlining appearance at London’s Hard Rock Calling event on June 29, which happens the same weekend as Glastonbury’s finale.

“I hope ours is the most talked about performance of the weekend,” said Pizzorno, “but that would be a miracle because The Rolling Stones are playing Glastonbury. I can imagine there will be a lot of people there waiting for them.”


, Stones Shocker! (Not Really!)
The Stones have not confirmed any 2013 dates as of yet, although guitarist Ron Wood recently said the group was going to meet this month and that he is planning to persuade the rest of the band to headline Glastonbury this year.

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” Wood told the Independent“It’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m going to twist their arms.”

If you bought a ticket for Glastonbury, least you NOW know who you’re going to see!

Thanks Sergio!!

(Note to self: don’t ever tell Sergio a secret!)