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Irish Women ‘Heaviest Drinkers’ In The World

Elaine Stenson
Irish women are some of the heaviest female drinkers in the world, coming 4th in a league table of 189 countries. A...

Just One Or Two Drinks A Day Could Increase Risk...

Elaine Stenson
It's claimed having just one or two drinks a day could increase your risk of having a stroke by up to...

Keith Richards Cutting Back On Booze

Elaine Stenson
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has revealed he's cutting down on alcohol. But the 75-year-old says he's also trying to stop smoking...

DrinkAware Warning People Not To Rely On Off-The-Shelf Breathalysers

Elaine Stenson
People are being urged against relying on off-the-shelf breathalysers to detect alcohol. DrinkAware says it's received a number of queries relating to...

Pharmacists Warn Against Mixing Booze With Meds

With Christmas around the corner and many in full festive swing, Irish pharmacists have issued a warning about the dangers of...

Gardaí Bust Loony Loner Drinking Wine While Actually Driving!

No matter the warnings and the constant advise, as if it was needed, against drink-driving there's always the selfish indulgnets. Then...

Irish Women Amongst Heaviest Drinkers in the World!

Research in the Lancet medical journal shows Irish woman are amongst the heaviest drinkers in the world in the most comprehensive...

Paul Mccartney Cuts Down On Booze After Beating Alcoholism In...

David Layde
Paul McCartney claims he's cut down on his drinking to just one "big glass" of wine a week. The old timer...

HSE Report Uncovers Horrors Foisted On People By Drinkers

Half of all people living in Ireland say they've felt harassed, afraid or unsafe because of someone else's drinking. Three in...

Apparently, We Can Now Drink While At Work!

Cíara Spain
Few beers in the middle of the day would surely go down well, eh? There has to be a catch to drinking...

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