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Taoiseach Calls For Review Of Costs For Former Garda Chief

The Attorney General is examining whether former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan can be personally pursued for some of the costs of...

Report Says Ex Commissioner ‘Ran Campaign’ Against McCabe

The latest report from the Disclosures Tribunal has found that garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe is a genuine person who at all...

Former Assistant Comissioner Denies Digging Up Dirt On Maurice McCabe

A former Assistant Commissioner has said interviewing an uncle of Maurice McCabe wasn’t to dig up dirt on the whistleblower. John...

Editor Infers Smear Tactics Used Against McCabe

A former editor of the Sunday Independent has told the Disclosures Tribunal that she believes journalists were being used for nefarious...

Whistleblowers Branded ‘Headbangers’ In Disclosures Claim

The former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan referred to the Garda Whistleblower Maurice McCabe as a 'kiddie fiddler', according to two witnesses...

Whistleblower McCabe Says It’s His Word Against Mine

Claims that a former Garda commissioner spread false rumours about whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe have been dismissed today at the latest...

Garda Whistleblower Gives Evidence Over Alleged Smear Job

The Disclosures Tribunal has heard evidence for the first time from the Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe today. Sergeant McCabe says that...

Former Commissioner Probed About Allegations Against McCabe

The Disclosures Tribunal has adjourned for the day. Former garda commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan will continue giving evidence tomorrow. The Tribunal is...

Ploy To Probe Whistleblower Motivations Described As ‘Political Dynamite’

A solicitor representing the Garda Commissioner wrote a note that it was 'political dynamite' to question the motivation of Maurice McCabe...