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Protected Witness Insists On Identity Of Gareth Hutch Murder Suspect

A protected witness insists her identification of one of two men allegedly involved in the shooting of Gareth Hutch isn’t wrong....

Trio On Trial For Hutch Murder

Three Dubliners have gone on trial accused of the murder of 36 year old Gareth Hutch who was shot dead outside...

‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson Denies Murder of David Douglas

The prosecution in Freddie Thompson’s murder trial has described the killing of David Douglas as a 'carefully planned execution'. The 36-year-old from...

Traveller Cleared Of Murder In First Defence/Dwelling Act Case

A young member of the travelling community has been found NOT GUILTY of murder in what was the first murder case...

Regency Trial Adjournment Amid ‘Unprecedented Conundrums’

The Regency Hotel murder trial has been adjourned for three days as the court heard ‘unprecedented conundrums’ have arisen. Patrick Hutch Junior...

Manner Of Identification Of Regency Murder Accused Described As ‘Dogs...

The identification of Patrick Hutch at the scene of the Regency Hotel shooting has been described as 'sullied, tainted and unsatisfactory'. Lawyers...

Chilling Eyewitness Testimonies From Day Of Regency Shooting

The Regency Hotel murder trial has heard the victim of the shooting was ‘beyond help’ by the time the emergency services...

Special Criminal Court Hears Hotel Shooting Was Carefully Planned Attack

Patrick Hutch Junior of Champions Avenue, Dublin 1 has pleaded not guilty to the murder of David Byrne at the Regency...