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Nirvana Lawyers Urge Spencer Elden To Call Off “Nevermind” Lawsuit

Nirvana lawyers have filed to dismiss Spencer Elden's motion to bring the "Nevermind" lawsuit back to court. The cover art of the...

Elden’s ‘Nevermind’ Case Dismissed By Californian Judge

Spencer Elden’s lawsuit against Washington grungers, Nirvana has been recently dismissed by a judge in California for missing the deadline to...

Nevermind Baby Elden Lawsuit Amended To Include Cobain’s Diary Entries

It has emerged that the lawsuit submitted by Spencer Elden who was used in the cover photo of Nirvana's Nevermind album,...

Dave Grohl Hints Nevermind Album Cover Could Change In The...

Dave Grohl has hinted that any future album reissues for Nevermind could see a change to the album cover. This comes after...

“Nevermind” Baby Wants Nirvana Cover Redacted For Future Releases

On top of suing the remaining members of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's estate for "child sexual exploitation" in their use of...