Taxis Lighting Up And Stinky Cabs Offend Punters

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One taxi driver who felt it was ok to light up a cigarette mid journey and a taxi that had ‘an offensive smell’ with ‘tatty’ seats featured amongst the 629 complaints made to the National Transport Authority in the first six months of this year.

There was a considerable 28% rise in complaints to 629 from the 492 complaints received for the corresponding period last year. Issues surrounding fares saw a spike in complaints by a huge 45%, from 168 to 244.

In March, a passenger complained that a driver was smoking and the complaint was referred under the Public Health (Tobacco) Act.

In April, a passenger complained that a taxi was ‘filthy and sounded very rattely”. Another passenger in May pointed out that his daughter is a wheelchair user and the taxi-driver didn’t put a seat-belt on her.

In May a passenger complained that the smell inside the cab “was awful” and that the taxi “was in a terrible condition”. additional cleaning.

A passenger complained that both the front and back seats in a taxi were ‘filthy’ and “the floor space at the back needs a good hoovering and the seats need a deep clean”.

In June, a passenger complained that a taxi “was very dirty inside and outside. Smell of cigarettes in it as well”. Another passenger complained of a bad odour in the taxi.

Another told the NTA that ”my friend was sitting beside the driver. As the taxi driver approached the lights, my friend realised her trousers were wet”.

Another passenger complained that he had to open a window on a cold day as the taxi was stink and speculated as to “dog hair on the seats”.

In June, a passenger complained the back seat covers of a taxi “were ripped and filthy dirty and the car was generally dirty”.