TD McNamara Lets Rip Accusing Government Of Apeing Tyrant Cromwell

Michael McNamara - Independent Clare T.D.

A row broke out in the Dáil earlier as an Independent TD accused the government of ruling the country like the tyrannical hate Oliver Cromwell.

During a debate ahead of tomorrow’s key EU leaders’ summit on vaccinations, Independent Michael McNamara was strongly critical of the current lockdown restrictions.

It comes as the EU has moved to make it more difficult to send vaccines out of the bloc to countries like the UK.

This evening, the EU and UK say they’ll keep talking about how they can work together to increase the supply of coronavirus vaccines.

Earlier TD Michael McNamara attacked the Taoiseach Micheal Martin amid the ongoing restrictions and lockdowns ..

He promised that he would govern as a republican, when he was elected Taoiseach. Now there are many republican traditions, one of which is the tradition of Oliver Cromwell and it is in that republicans that he and your government are currently governing.”

He told minister Thomas Byrne: “As somebody from Drogheda you will be quite well aware of what the Republican tradition of Oliver Cromwell is all about.”

Byrne responded “For anybody to come into the house and accuse anyone – particularly anyone born and reared in Drogheda – being compared to Cromwell is absolutely outrageous. He’s revered in Britain but he’s certainly not revered in Drogheda and East Meath, I can tell you that much.