The Rolling Stones Have ‘Cut Back’ On Their Backstage Rider Requests Says Darryl Jones


The Rolling Stones have confirmed that they have “cut back” on their backstage rider requests.

This was confirmed by long-time Stones bass player Darryl Jones, who revealed that the band do not ask for anything major, regarding their backstage area, such as a gaming room, unlike times gone by.

Such outlandish items which were requested by the band for their backstage also included a snooker room.

“changed over time”

However, according to Jones who has been performing with the Rolling Stones since the 1990s, has revealed that the backstage rider requests have “changed over time”. 

According to Jones who replaced the retired Bill Wyman in 1993, said, “It’s changed over time, there used to be a huge snooker room”.

“They would make a room out of curtains and things”, he continued. “We had the banks of video racing games, where you sit, that was around for a while. They kinda cut back on that stuff now”. 

Although, Jones did state that there is still plenty of food to enjoy, including a personal favourite of guitarist Keith Richards, a shepherd’s pie.

“Keith still has what he loves, shepherd’s pie. There’s so much food backstage, me and the keyboard player have our own rider”, he also added.

The Rolling Stones will begin the North American leg of their tour in April, supporting their latest album ‘Hackney Diamonds’. 

Last December, it was confirmed that the band would be joined on this tour by backing singer Chanel Haynes who starred as Tina Turner in London’s stage production of Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.  More on this here.

Last month also saw actress Sydney Sweeny dismiss claims that she was objectified in the music video for Rolling Stones’ track Angry.