The Strypes – Album Details.


Cavan four-piece The Strypes have confirmed details of their debut album… finally.

Speaking exclusively to NME, the band reveal that their album will be called ‘Snapshot’ and will be released in September. The album will contain 12 or 13 songs, of which only three or four will be covers.

The Strypes – tipped by Paul Weller, Miles Kane and more – have made a name for themselves as an accomplished live band, but are known for playing a live set comprising of many covers of blues standards.

On writing their own material for ‘Snapshot’, bassist Pete O’Hanlon said: “The main thing was there had to be no difference between our songs and the standards we play… it has to be seamless.”

New tracks written by the band include ‘What A Shame’, ‘She’s So Fine’, ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘I Can Tell’ and ‘What The People Don’t See’.

The album, produced by Chris Thomas, was recorded in just 15 days in the studio – but that was double the time the band were hoping to spend on it. “You know like The Beatles did on ‘Please Please Me? Well, maybe not in a day like they did, but we were going for a week,” said drummer Evan Walsh.

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