This Is Vaccine Country As Ireland’s Mammoth Jab Rollout’s The Envy Of Europe


Patience has been rewarded for the 18 to 34 age cohort around the country who’ve begun receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in pharmacies nationwide.

There’s been a massive demand for the one-shot injection since the Government announced it would be available from today.

The Poplar Pharmacy in Naas saw a huge demand for this one-shot vaccine. The pharmacy has 600 people on the waiting list but only enough jabs for 50 people this week.

Pharmacist Joan Kilgallen says the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

Inundated!”……..”For all of the calls we’ve had today, we’re taking names and numbers as we speak.”

However there Are Limited Supplies Available. Joan says they could give so many more vaccines if they know what supplies were coming in.

I cannot find any information either from the IPU or from the HSE about supply.” “To be honest it’s a little bit frustrating at this point.”

Young people were originally meant to only get an MRNA vaccine. However, now they can sign up for the Johnson & Johnson one if they’re comfortable with it.

For Audrey and Dave, they didn’t care what vaccine they got, as long as they got one.

Yeah I’m relieved to get it now, I’ll hopefully get back to traveling soon and get back to normal,” he says.

Audrey says, “It was quick and handy, it’s great to have it done and over with.”

It’s given me peace of mind.”

Meanwhile the latest update from the High Level Task Force on COVID19 Vaccination reveals:

** By tomorrow 50% of our adult population will be fully vaccinated!!

** 4.4M doses have been administered to date

** 343,000 doses were administered in the past week

** 55,000 doses were administered on each of 4 days

** 103,000 AstraZeneca second doses were administered last week.