Tool Reiterates Absolute ‘No Phones’ Policy Ahead Of 3Arena Show

Photo: Travis Shinn

Tool has a fairly strict “no phones” policy at their shows, despite that stance often been met with criticism in a modern technology based society

Ticketmaster has issued an email to ticketholders today informing them of the policy on behalf of the 3Arena and Tool management team.

The message said: “We respectfully request that you please watch and listen to the show, not your phone.”

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Tool guitarist Adam Jones explained that in mnay cases people turn on their flashlight, and partially because everyone having their phone out takes something away from the special nature of a live show.

Yeah, I mean, for us, we’ve actually seen it changing and more and more big acts are asking their fans respectfully to enjoy the show, rather than looking at their camera the whole time. I think one of the problems is you get a lot of lights because people don’t know how to use their cameras correctly, which makes it very blinding onstage. It’s just…it’s that connection. You lose something without that connection, and you just want people to be in their own world rather than getting the whole show on their phone and then never looking at it again.”

Jones later added that standing behind someone with their phone out the whole time is a huge pain in the ass, and usually distracts from watching the actual show.

Tool out on the road with Brass Against in Europe, where they’ve also enacted a very strict “no pee zone” policy!