Transmission of Cases Falling Steadily Says Public Health Officials

NPHET - Professor Philip Nolan - chairman of the national public health modelling advisory group.

New Covid-19 infections fell over a fifth last week — with NPHET now saying there are clear signs transmission is down.

The latest data shows 309 more people have contracted the virus, and eight more patients are confirmed to have died.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly’s called it the “most positive” briefing he’s had from officials in “a long time“.

The reproduction number’s estimated at between zero-point seven and one.

Professor Phillip Nolan, head of the team’s modelling group, says there are now clear signs infections are falling.

So we’ve seen a significant reduction in case counts last week compared to the preceeding week, so 2,803 cases last week comared with 3, 618 case the week before so a 22% reduction and you can see zooming in on incidence between August and today, just over the last 10 to 14 days a significant decrease in the average numbers of cases per day.”