Twitter Says Keith Lemon’s New Character Is Class-US Elections

Twitter Says Keith Lemon's New Character Is Class-US Elections
Man loses it over his freedom being stolen

With all the goings-on in the States over the past couple of days, we were only just waiting for a bit of light relief. It came in the form of a man who was getting himself in quite the lather at a press announcement in Clark County Nevada.

Nevada is on a knife’s edge with Joe Biden carrying a razor-thin advantage over Donald Trump. If Biden can take Nevada and neighbouring Arizona (where his lead is shrinking this morning) he will be heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The count continues in both states. Clark County, where Mr BBQ, Beer, Freedom (that’s a class act right there) got a bit excited is crucial to Biden’s success. Las Vegas City, a liberal, Democrat-voting city, is in Clark County.

The man who approaches in shorts and T-Shirt shouts about the “Biden crime family”, “Media cover-up” and his freedom being stolen. In fairness, anyone would get upset if their freedom was being stolen. Especially their beer and their BBQ was being taken too.

On Irish social media last night, British comedy star, Keith Lemon’s name was trending. BBQ-Beer-Freedom man bears more than a passing resemblance to the funny man, famous for his characters. Real name Leigh Francis, the comedian, is a writer, producer and actor who made his name with Channel 4’s Bo’ Selecta!

It would be like something Keith Lemon would do too but sadly, we think Mr BBQ-Beer-Freedom is the real deal. He means every word. Election fever?