Varadkar Believes Ireland Is In Good Place To Ease Restrictions In March


Depending on hospital figures and daily cases dropping, Tanaiste Leo Varadkar thinks Ireland will be in a “good place” to ease some restrictions on March 5th. Although Varadkar said Ireland could enter Level 4 next month but warns that “this virus has torn up our plans so many times”.

In a recent radio interview, Varadkar said getting students back in the classroom and reopening construction sites were priorities of the government. The Tanaiste said they are going to take certain things into consideration in the run up to the 5th of March.

Looking at the level of cases every day, the number of people are in ICU and, our coordination with Northern Ireland are things on the checklist. “What are the cases looking like every day? How many people are in ICU because we need to get those numbers down,” Varadkar said. “We want the numbers in hospitals down and we also need to try and coordinate with the North as much as possible”.

Varadkar believes the government “could ease some restrictions”, assuming everything “is in good place”. However, he said there “isn’t anything guaranteeing of that unfortunately”. The Tanaiste also revealed even if the country recorded zero COVID cases, concerts and matches would still be banned.

“What Tony Holohan and what others would say is that even if we did get to zero, which is very unlikely in Ireland, we probably still wouldn’t be having concerts or matches,” revealed Varadkar. “Because the risk of somebody getting into the country from the North, or on a truck getting into one of those scenarios, would be too high risk. So, we really need to get people vaccinated and that’s what it’s all about.”

The Tanaiste did, however, give a glimmer of hope on the prospect of being reunited with family and friends this summer. Although, he warned hopes could be dashed if the virus scuppers planning. Varadkar thinks we will “be able to have beers outdoors with friends this summer and get around the country” but, you just never know because this virus has torn up our plans so many times”.

Meanwhile, Varadkar said he has booked a Sligo staycation for August, with “sunny and warm” places “not going to be a runner” this year. The Tanasite feels there is a “a very good chance this summer we’ll be able to have home holidays like we did last summer, because of the vaccine and the change in the weather and because of what everyone is doing to get the virus down”.