The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft Responds To The Coral’s Video Slag Off!


A few days ago The Verve singer, Richard Ashcroft responded to rumours he was holding a bag of drugs on live TV. The lead singer denied that a package of narcotics fell out of his pocket during an appearance on Soccer AM over the weekend.

The crooner was a guest on the football chatshow and after being introduced to the studio audience, viewers spotted a small piece of debris fell from the leg of his trousers as he sat down. The internet erupted in speculation that it was a bag of cocaine.

As a response, Ashcroft posted a video warning people over the rumours and telling the trolls that they were on thin ice. In the video, he says, “You’re on thin ice. Don’t libel my name. My dad didn’t like litter and I don’t really like litter. But it gets a bit preposterous in my pocket. In The Verve I was known as Colombo, so get your facts right. You’re on thin ice. Peace.”

Indie Rockers, The Coral then took this as an opportunity to offer their own take on the Ashcroft video with this rather excellent spoof. Keyboardist, Nick Power begins his warning to trolls with, ” Number one: Don’t you ever surmise that I can’t ice skate,” he said during the clip. “I was doing triple axels before some of you were born. And Number B: Me and peas have had no relationship for decades – I prefer carrots.”


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a word to our trolls… #peas #TheCoral

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Luckily Ashcroft saw the funny side of the piss-take,  “Good luck with the tour mate hope I brought a bit of traffic you’re [sic] way,” the Verve frontman wrote on the Instagram video, adding, “I might even pop down see you”.

The Coral’s UK tour kicks off next week, before concluding in London with a show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom.  Their latest album, ‘Move Through The Dawn‘,  was released on August 17. It was recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios and was produced by The Coral and Rich Turvey.

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