Veteran Rocker Alice Cooper finishing recordings for new cover album


The new album will feature covers from the Who, The Beatles and The Doors. We mentioned earlier in the week that Cooper will be joining Motley Crue in their farewell tour (although news has emerged that the band will still be making music) and Cooper has revealed that the album should be finished by the time he commences the tour, giving fans will the chance to hear the album.

The album, which will be Coopers first attempt of making a covers album, is due out in the spring of this year. It is believed that the covers will be chosen from the members of an informal drinking club in the 60s and 70’s, known as the Hollywood Vampires, which Alice was a part of.

Cooper says: “It’s basically all my dead, drunk friends, I’m covering all my friends that I used to drink with, that aren’t with us anymore”.

The friends that Cooper used to hang out with at LA bars include, The Doors Jim Morrison, The Who’s Keith Moon, not to mention Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. He adds, “ That’s just four of them, when you get down to Harry Nilsson and T Rex, all the other guys we used to drink with, then you start picking up some pretty good songs for a covers album.

Speaking of weather the album will feature any famous guests Cooper added,
“ Its gonna be all guests. Some of my backing band, but almost all guests, and a really, really great bunch of guests…..I’m really excited about this album”.

Could be the making of a really good covers album, stay with Nova for updates on this, and all other music news.