Video: Black Sabbath and GNR Supergroup Release First Single


A new supergroup that features Black Sabbath bass player and songwriter Geezer Butler, ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and Apocalyptica singer Franky Perez have just unveiled their first full song. You can check out Deadland Ritual’s new track “Down In Flames.”

The video is straightforward enough with the group playing the song in the studio, but in contrast the song is nuch more complex than that. With a rocking blues sound that shifts from quiet to loud, as Stevens and Butler exercise some great exchanges.

Stevens released a statement via CoS and discussed working with Butler on this new project. “There’s a lot of times in the studio as a guitar player, you get a guitar sound and you’re trying to make it work, tweaking it. There was none of that bullshit. It just fit against his bass sound and it was really exciting to me. I get to hear my guitar against a bass guitarist that I’ve idolized forever.”

Sorum had been pushing Deadland Ritual for a while asking his friends Stevens and Perez to help kickstart start this new project. But it wasn’t until Butler came on board that everyone felt that the group had found its true sound. “It’s not your typical hard rock or metal stuff. I had to get used to the idea of starting from scratch again, which is good, but I really liked the music I was hearing.”

The press release also states that the members of Deadland Ritual will continue to record new music and release new singles, with a possible album on the way.

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