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The Voidz Release New Track ‘Pointlessness’


Julian Casablancas’ ‘other’ band The Voidz have just released a new track from their upcoming album ‘Virtue’, which is set to be released on March 30th. The new album follows 2014’s ‘Tyranny’.

Check out the album’s new closing track below:



The ‘Virtue’ tracklist is as follows:

1. Leave It In My Dreams
3. Pyramid of Bones
4. Permanent High School
5. ALieNNatioN
6. One of the Ones
7. All Wordz Are Made Up
8. Think Before You Drink
9. Wink
10. My Friend the Walls
11. Pink Ocean
12. Black Hole
13. Lazy Boy
14. We’re Where We Were
15. Pointlessness

Strokes fans are eager for new music from the band, but despite Casablancas confirming last year that they are making new music, he has also said that it’ll be a while yet. In a recent interview the frontman was asked if The Strokes fit into his plans in 2018, ‘I think that they don’t. I mean we’re always talking but I think yeah, if anything it would be 2019 – that zone, but nothing now.’

He also commented on his supposed ‘beef’ with Ryan Adams saying: ‘I’m sure I’ll run into him. The whole feud thing – I’m so not into that. You know if you want to say something to someone’s face that’s different, I just don’t even pay attention to be honest.’