WATCH: Iggy Pop’s New Single, ‘James Bond’


Iggy Pop has unveiled the video for “James Bond”, the second song to be released from his upcoming album Free, out September 6 on Loma Vista Recordings.

Directed by Simon Taylor, the clip for “James Bond” was shot on location at Sweat Records in Miami.

“James Bond” was written and produced by Leron Thomas, a jazz trumpeter and composer. It also features Robin Sherman on bass, Thomas Glass drumming and Ari Teitel playing guitar.

The song has been attracting widespread acclaim, with BBC Radio 2 having named it as their ‘Record Of The Week’ among other accolades.

In a press release, Iggy said of the song’s protagonist, “I don’t know what she’s up to exactly, but the tables seem to be turning, and she’s taking over. Well, why not? I’ll try anything once. I’ve never had more fun singing a lyric. Faith’s reading is so loaded, and Leron’s production and trumpet along with the band swings like crazy.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES remarked upon hearing the title track of the new album: Iggy Pop’s ‘Free’ is brief, atmospheric and elusive. Amid sustained electronic tones from the guitarist Noveller and ghostly overdubbed Miles Davis-tinged trumpet lines from Leron Thomas, Pop’s voice appears only a few times, intoning, ‘I wanna be free.’ As the title song and opening track of an album due in September, it could lead anywhere.”

The full tracklisting for Free is as follows:

  • 1. Free
  • 2. Loves Missing
  • 3. Sonali
  • 4. James Bond
  • 5. Dirty Sanchez
  • 6. Glow In The Dark
  • 7. Page
  • 8. We Are The People
  • 9. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  • 10. The Dawn

Free, the album, is available for preorder now by clicking here