Alan Partridge Alter Ego Martin Brennan Sings Rebel Numbers On The Beeb


‘This Time with Alan Partridge’ really riled up some sections of society in Britain with rousing rendentions of ‘Come Out Ye Black And Tans’ and ‘Men Behind The Wire’ in celebration of St Patrick’s Day …… all on the BBC!

The episode took an unexpected twist with double the cringe factor as Partridge and his Irish tribute act the Sligo farmer Martin Brennan also played by Steve Coogan, who took the proverbial out of Partridge as he listed the strange farming tactics he’s employ like ‘feeding turf to the sheep’ and ‘milking the bulls’!

Alan Partridge as portrayed by Steve Coogan – Ah haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

The Sligo farmer Partridge-esque Irish visitor sang a host of famous Irish rebel songs to which the host, in classic Partridge style, he muttered to Jennie,“Oh my God, that was like an advert for the IRA.”


Just last week, a local family run food producer debuted an ad in which butchers sing, “Come out you other hams, come and face me, ham to ham…” to the tune of the old rebel standard.

Over the weekend, boxer Michael Conlan was criticised for his intro music which featured The Wolfe Tones’ Celtic Symphony, which features the lyrics, ‘Ooh ah, up the Ra’.