WATCH: Queen + Adam Lambert’s ‘YOU Are the Champions’


Queen + Adam Lambert have gotten back together, apart, to perform for us while in lockdown.

Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Lambert played “We Are The Champions” and uploaded it to Brian May’s social media platforms.

In the newly performed version, the lyrics are changed from “We Are The Champions” to “YOU are the champions.”

A sort of thank you to those trying their best and staying out of the community. Remember, children in Spain haven’t been allowed outside in nearly 5 weeks.

May has remained active on social media during the coronavirus pandemic: offering a tutorial on how to play the “Bohemian Rhapsody” guitar solo.

The guitarist also urged fans to self-isolate. “I feel this might be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I EVER POSTED,” he wrote on Instagram. “There is so much false information out there — people saying the CoronaVirus is not a threat — even that it doesn’t exist. And our own Government has failed to act promptly, acting on catastrophically bad advice, which will eventually be the cause of thousands of deaths.”