WATCH: Roger Waters Perform ‘Mother’ In Isolation


Roger Waters has given us a rendition of Pink Floyd’s ‘Mother’ via Twitter over the weekend.

In keeping with social distancing regulations, Waters and members of his touring band performed the cover from their homes.

“Social distancing is a necessary evil in Covid world,” Roger Waters tweeted. “Watching ‘Mother’ reminds me just how irreplaceable the joy of being in a band is.”

During the song’s line, “Mother should I trust the government?” — Waters mouthed “No f***ing way.”

The Pink Floyd co-founder spoke to Rolling Stone saying, “We haven’t stopped work. We didn’t stop for a single second. The show is part rock & roll arena show, part cinema. It’s couched on this idea that we are divided between the ruling classes, who I characterize as living in the iCloud. They live in the sky — it’s all white up there, and they live in great luxury. And then there’s the netherworld where the rest of us shuffle around, uncomfortably numb.”

Written by Roger in the late 1970s, ‘Mother’ originally appeared on Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. It has since become a regular feature of his solo shows.