Watch Stevie Nicks And Harry Styles Play At The Rock Hall of Fame!


Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles performed together at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in New York on Saturday night. Video of the performance is below.

Nicks had a funny moment after the show when she mistook Styles to be a member of the pop group NSYNC.

The NME reports that when the two went backstage for interviews, Nicks referred to Styles’ old band as NSYNC before quickly realising her blunder.

Nicks said: “When Harry decided to make a solo record from NSYNC…not NSYNC, sorry. I’m never gonna live that one down! One Direction.”

She continued: “He could have gone one or two ways: he could have made a serious pop record, which would have been less of a risk, or he could have made a rock and roll record and take a risk, and he did.”

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