Watch U2 Debut New Song At Las Vegas Show

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Over the weekend (September 16), U2 played a surprise show at Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel, while filming a new music video.

This surprise show saw U2 perform a new song, ‘Atomic City’ live, which is also believed to be the first Irish city that the band were performing at.

The show also comes ahead of U2’s upcoming residency at Vegas, taking place at the MSG Sphere on September 29.

“free unexpectedly”

The track itself, also shows U2 singing the following lyrics.

“I’m free, so unexpectedly/I’m free from what’s in front of me!” and “I’ve got the key to the cages, waiting for my dice/I came here for the fight/I’m front row in Las Vegas. And there’s a big one on tonight”, the lyrics read.

The video which you can check out below, shows U2 performing with around 250 extras. Frontman Bono’s vocals can be heard, but the music was recorded.

‘Atomic City’ is set to be performed by Bono and co at the residency later this month. Check it out below.

Ahead of these shows, U2 bassist Adam Clayton admitted that drummer Larry Mullen Jr would be missed.

This residency will see Mullen miss out, as he recovers from recent surgery. More on this from Nova here.