Check Out The Video For Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Hey Look Ma I Made It’


The band have been getting much praise for their latest album Pray For The Wicked and now they’ve shared the excellent new video for ‘Hey Look Ma I Made It’. The video is available below to watch…

In Panic! At The Disco’s new clip singer Brendon Urie transforms into a fun loving puppet with a wild lifestyle. The track was produced by Dillon Francis, and the exuberant DJ also makes a cameo in the video a little more than halfway through.

‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It’ deals with the issues of pop stardom with vibrant energy and infectious melodies. It’s Francis at his pop best coupled with Urie’s powerful vocals. Here’s the official music video for ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It.’

In recent interview with Variety, frontman, Brendan Urie cited his Broadway experience as invaluable to develop his stage shows with the band, ‘I end up onstage now, and I feel more comfortable than I have, but when I watch videos of us from the last six months of one-off shows, it’s weird in a good way. I look at myself, and I go, ‘I don’t recognize me ever looking like that onstage, but that’s cool.’ I have a different vibe about me like I’ve been meditating with crystals or something — like I’ve been cleansed or something.’

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