Weekend Weather: Do We Want Snow?


The weekend is fast approaching and with that comes the end of the festive period.

It’s the dawn of a New Year but we certainly aren’t leaving our weather woes behind!

Having experienced cold snaps in the weeks leading up to the 25th but having a relatively calm Christmas – the skies decided it was time to have some fun again!

Friday is set to be full of the joys as Met Éireann have forecast heavy wind and rain across the country – while they’ve even predicted that rain will turn to sleet and snow for northern counties during the night.

Saturday is set to be bright but extremely cold while the night is expected to bring some wind warnings for certain counties.


Meanwhile – Sunday should bring a sense of calm as winds are expected to ease off for a bit.

And with slight ground frost settling in, New Years Day will bring an eclectic mix of sunshine and showers, perfect for sitting indoors with family!

There you have it – well for now anyhow… Make sure and keep an eye out for those weather warnings over the weekend too.

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